COVID-19 and your vacation

The global impact of the Coronavirus affects us all. This exceptional situation entails a lot of uncertainty. We do our utmost to resolve your concerns as much as possible. A safe stay is our top priority. Are you planning a stay at or are you planning to? We are happy to inform you about recent developments and what that means for your holiday:

Update October 15, 2020 19:00

We closely follow the developments surrounding the corona virus and follow the official recommendations of the RIVM and the Zeeland Safety Region. On this page we will keep you informed of the latest developments as well as possible. However, we also refer you to the website with the current recommendations and regulations.

If your holiday cannot take place due to the Coronavirus for the following reasons, we offer you the flexibility to rebook your holiday to another period in 2020/2021 or you can request a voucher in case of:

  • A closed border
  • Negative travel advice to Zeeland
  • Quarantine obligation upon arrival and / or return in combination with negative travel advice

The above must be communicated on the official website of the Dutch government or government of the country of origin.

The total amount of the booking remains the same or becomes higher. If the changed booking becomes more expensive, you pay the difference extra.

For everything else, our general terms and conditions remain in force.

On holiday in Zeeland

The following applies to everyone in the Netherlands: stick to the basic rules, such as keeping a distance of 1.5 meters and washing your hands often. Everyone is tested for complaints that resemble corona.

Traveling within Zeeland

You can go on holiday anywhere in Zeeland. Travel where you are as little as possible. There are no additional restrictions for regions where the number of infections is higher. By coming to fewer places, there is less contact with others. This way the virus can spread less quickly.

It's important to avoid crowds, so keep that in mind when choosing your destination. Also consider other regions or cities instead of the major tourist attractions.

Can I still go on holiday to Zeeland?

It is possible to visit a campsite, holiday home or hotel in Zeeland. Do stay at your holiday address as much as possible, travel as little as possible and limit the number of trips.

Can I stay with several families in a holiday home or hotel room in Zeeland?

A group may consist of a maximum of 4 people (excluding children up to and including 12 years old), unless it consists of a household. It is therefore also not possible to rent or let a holiday home or room with more than 4 people (with the exception of your own household).

Can I cancel a holiday home free of charge due to corona measures?

If an accommodation is open, the provider can in principle provide the service and you just have to pay. If an accommodation cannot be visited due to corona measures, we advise you to come to a suitable solution in consultation with us.

For example, if you are with a group of more than 4 people, unless the group consists of a household. You and the property are both responsible for complying with the corona measures.

Can I go to the swimming pool or restaurant of a hotel, camping and holiday park in Zeeland, for example?

You can go to a swimming pool or restaurant of a hotel, camping and holiday park in Zeeland.

The following applies to indoor swimming pools:

- No maximum number of people if everyone can keep 1.5 meters apart;
- A maximum of 30 people or less if not everyone can keep 1.5 meters away from each other.
- There is no maximum number of people for outdoor swimming pools, if it is possible to keep 1.5 meters away.

Cafés and restaurants must adhere to the rules for the catering industry.