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Drenthe is the province with the lowest population. About half a million people live in Drenthe. Drenthe is therefore a great oasis of tranquility. Nature is beautiful. You will find peat bogs, heaths and sand drifts. If you go to Drenthe, you should of course not miss the dolmens. Well-known cities in Drenthe are Assen, Coevorden and Emmen.

Assen is the capital of the province of Drenthe. The city is located in the north of the province. It is a great base for exploring the surrounding nature reserves. You can easily discover the city itself in an afternoon. In the inner harbor of the city you can enjoy a snack or drink. If you want to know more about the history of the province of Drenthe, you should definitely visit the Drents museum.

TT Circuit Assen
The TT van Assen means to motorcycle fans what Monaco means to fans of Formula 1 and Wimbledon to tennis enthusiasts. Both the racers and the visitors see the TT Circuit Assen as one of the best in the world. There are 56,000 seats at the circuit. The TT van Assen is traditionally organized on the last Saturday of June. If you are in Assen at the end of June, get a ticket on time.

Coevorden is the oldest town in the province of Drenthe. During times of wealth and prosperity, beautiful houses, monuments and the only castle in Drenthe were built here. This castle is the Castle Coevorden. Today you can still visit this castle. The best way to experience this historic city is to take a city walk. Then do not miss the synagogue, castle Coevorden and the Arsenaal. The Arsenaal now houses the Stedelijk Museum, the library and the tourist office.

Dwingeloo is the typical village of Drenthe. It is a pleasant village near the Dwingelderveld. The village itself has a special church. The church tower has a so-called onion shape. The church is called the Sint Nicolaaskerk. So if you want to explore the typical Drenthe, Dwingeloo is a good option.

The Dwingelderveld
Fragrant forests, flowering heather and drifting sand plains. You will find all the sights in Dwingelderveld National Park. The Kraloërheide and the Dwingelose Heide are located in this nature reserve. The Dwingelderveld National Park is the largest continuous wet heathland area in northwestern Europe. This beautiful nature reserve is also the habitat for rare plants, all kinds of birds, butterflies and reptiles. The Dwingelderveld is best explored by bicycle or on foot.

The Drentsche Aa
The Drentsche Aa is the last stream that still meanders freely today. The area has been used as agricultural land for centuries. There are sixteen small villages throughout the area. Throughout the area you will also find dolmens or old Saxon farms. To explore this beautiful nature reserve, it is best to walk or cycle. Then pass the stream valleys and grasslands and take in the beautiful views.

Dolmens are of course the symbol of the province of Drenthe. They were built 5,000 years ago by peasant tribes. 54 of these tombs have stood the test of time. Each hunebed is a tomb made of huge, massive stones. These stones are remnants of the penultimate ice age and weigh up to 40 tons each. In the past it was thought that these hunebeds were built by giants. These special hunebeds were built about 3000 years ago before Christ. In Borger you can visit the Hunebedcentrum. The Hunebedcentrum is located next to the largest remaining hunebed.

Cycling routes in Drenthe
Several cycling routes have been mapped out in Drenthe. For example, you can take a cycling route through the Drentsche Aa National Park. The route is 32 kilometers. You see a large part of the National Park and you pass, among other things, Landgoed Schipborg. Another cycle route that you can make is a cycle route through the Dwingelderveld. This route is 45 kilometers long. Here you see wide fields with sheep herds, forests and ancient villages. The starting point is in Dwingeloo. A number of "children's bicycle routes" have also been plotted in Drenthe. These cycling routes are somewhat shorter. They range from 11 to 17 kilometers.

WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo Emmen
The WILDLANDS motto is, travel the world in one day. Explore the jungle by boat or on foot and get to know the elephant family. Get up close to rhinos and giraffes on a truck safari through the savannah. Visit the new Raccoon Creek, go on an arctic expedition and come face to face with polar bears and penguins. In WILDLANDS you travel around the world. The WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo is fairly new. Other parks in Drenthe are Plopsa Coevorden and Veenpark.

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